Full Productions, Developmental Readings & Staged Readings

Short Plays


Shootout (2010)

Ray wants revenge from Elliott who won far too many baseball cards from him in yesterday’s shootout. Elliott wants to keep what he won. 2M

Will Dunne’s New Writers/New Works, Phoenix Theatre Annex, SF, CA. Developmental reading. (2010)

Because of You (2010)

What happens when a twist in a phrase leads to a dramatic misunderstanding in a relationship that seemed to be going along just fine. 1M, 1F

Will Dunne’s New Writers/New Works, 760 Mason St., SF. Staged reading. (2010)

Doggie Psychic (2010)

Adam and Geri are feeling the strain of financial worries. Adam suspects that Geri has begun to look elsewhere for comfort and has a meltdown while Geri is busy providing psychic services to Kate who has come to find her lost dog. 1M, 2F

Playwrights of Promise Showcase of New Works, Phoenix Theatre, SF. Staged reading. (2012)
Live Oak Theatre, Berkeley, CA. Staged reading. (2011)
Alterain Theatre, Oakland, CA. Staged reading. (2010)

Wilted (2011)

The story of a relationship that is fading fast. 1M, 1F

Will Dunne’s New Writers/New Works, Phoenix Theatre, SF. Staged reading. (2011)

One Acts


AROUSAL (2010)

When Clifford’s mother dies the young man with Asperger’s goes online to find a special friend. He meets Albena, a Ukrainian illegal immigrant, who is running a one woman prostitution business out of her studio apt. in the Richmond district of San Francisco and also fleeing from her own problems. What gets aroused is much more than just the hormones as these two wildly different people stir up powerful emotions in each other. 1M, 1F

The RAW Festival of Plays, Ross Valley Players, Ross, CA. Full production. (2010)
SF Fringe Festival, SF, CA. Full production. (2010)
Virago Theatre Company, World Premier, Phoenix Theatre,SF,CA. Full production. (2013)
Virago Theatre Company, Theatre Asylum, Los Angeles, CA. Full production. (2014)

Virago Theatre Company, Flea Theatre, New York City, N.Y. Full production. (2014)

Currently a new full length version is being workshopped in NYC.


Reckoning (2017)

The father is dying. Danny, the youngest son, is in the hospice room with his Dad trying to convince him that his other two children will be along to see him soon. When the older brother, Michael, comes in he does not bring the soothing message that Danny had hoped he would. Danny tries to convince Michael to tell their father that he loves him. Donna, the middle child, arrives unexpectedly further fueling the conflict that is bubbling up and reveals a long held secret that upends everything. 3M, 1F


Full Length Plays Currently in Development or Recently Produced


The Brothers Khan, An American Story (2018)

Two brothers, Dzhabrail and Rustam, are Muslim immigrants to America. One embraces American values (D) and the other (R) is radicalized. Rustam comes to believe that in order to get to paradise he must find out if his brother has become a traitor to Islam and if so - he must kill him. A simple invitation to break the fast at Ramadan is the unaware setting. 2M, 2F

Playwrights of Promise Salon reading, SF, CA. Developmental reading. (2013)

Developmental reading, Blue Panther Productions. (2017)

Workshopped in NYC at the Dramatist Guild's Mary Roger's Theatre May 2018.

Production: The Broadway Bound Theatre Festival August 2018

New York.



The Allens (2019)

The Great Recession has hit the Allens particularly hard and Edgar has lost his job as an English professor and has been out of work for over two years. Margaret, his wife, is under-employed and the family is just getting by. Raven has fallen in love with someone whom he feels will never love him, and Annabelle is hoping her new blog will earn her some money thereby easing the pressure on the family. When Edgar, who is a devoted fan of Edgar Allen Poe, hears of an opportunity to play the great poet/writer in a one man show he pours himself into preparing for what he hopes will be the way to save his family and his dignity. 2M, 3F

Scene readings at the San Francisco Dramatists.

Workshop in NYC in 2019.