Playwright- one who "wroughts" words, themes, and other elements into a dramatic form.

In my work as a playwright I strive to illuminate the lives of the characters and their situations in order to deepen our connection with others and enliven our experience of ourselves in the hopes of enabling us to be more fully human and to use that humanity to build a more just, caring, and enlightened society.

I'm inspired by the work of many playwrights including: Sam Sheppard, Edward Albee, Martin McDonagh, Tony Kushner, Paula Vogel and Christopher Durang among others.

I ascribe to Lerner Motti's idea that a playwright can be "an activist in reflecting the problems in the world in order to incite change and transform the society."

I hope that in my plays I'm able to do this in an honest, humorous, and entertaining way.


News-August 2019

The first draft of a new play, working title “Nevermore”, a comedy, is nearing completion and will be going though the developmental process i.e., table reading, staged reading, and dramaturged by Eric Webb of Davenport Theatricals in NY. Readings of the various scenes and comments by my colleagues at San Francisco Dramatists have been very encouraging. Onward!

The workshopping of the full length version of AROUSAL was held in New York City March 4th-7th 2019 at Theatre Lab and The Mary Rogers Theatre at the Dramatist Guild offices on Broadway. The Creative team included Dennis Corsi, Director, and Laura Lundy, Creative Consultant. Cast: Christine Aziz (Albena), Keith Weiss (Clifford), David Edwards (Dmitry). Earlier this year the play was read by Ken Davenport who provided useful notes. The play is up on The New Play Exchange.

August 2018. The Brothers Khan, An American Story was well received by critics and the audience at the Broadway Bound Theatre Festival that was held in Manhattan at the The 14th Street Theatre. Comments included: “Dialogue was great, a well written piece;” “Great cast;” “Wonderful writing, very moving;” “Loved the surprise ending;” “Very well directed;” “Deep and powerful.” Joseph Verlezza, Theatre Reviews Limited, said “The play has good bones and solid structure;” An intelligent and thought provoking piece of theatre.” Rachel de Aragon of the Berkshire Fine Arts said “The Katrin’s Hilbe’s directing was sharp and taunt, the play engaging and powerful.”

The production had a stellar cast ( Rachel Halper, Malka Wallick, Max Beckman, and Almir Kurtic) and an exceptionally talented director, Katrin Hilbe. We had an opportunity to put one of the scenes in front of a live audience at the Dramatist Guild Conference in Manhattan and their reaction was everything one would hoped for. It gave me great hope that "We have a play here, we just might have a very good play here."  

The play is the story of two immigrant Muslim brothers, one of whom is driven to become Americanized and the other who drops out and eventually becomes radicalized and the ensuing conflict that arises between them. It is in some ways a retelling of the story of Cain (Dzhabrail) and Able ( Rustam). Rustam, the radicalized brother, comes to believe that in order to be welcomed into paradise he must find out if his brother has indeed become a traitor to Islam and if so he must act.

This was a fully realized production with an amazing crew which includes: Colleen Shea (Lighting & Scenic); Maggie Whitaker (Costumes); Andy Evan Cohen (Sound); Michael Hagins (Fight Choreographer); Laura Lundy (Dramaturge); Emily Hewitt (Photography); and Lisa Stafford* (Stage Manager).

*Appears courtesy of Actors Equity